Enterprise Risk Management

PT Pertamina (Persero) has implemented enterprise-wide risk management at the holding and sub-holding levels using ISO 31000:2009 as the standard framework. The effectiveness of implementation and the level of maturity are periodically measured through risk maturity assessments periodically and followed up with opportunities for improvement as one of the continuous improvement efforts.

Therefore, PT Synergy Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of corporate risk management (PT Pertamina) based on SNI ISO 31000: 2018 by measuring the maturity level (Risk maturity Assessment) on a regular basis and also by looking at the implementation of improvements that need to be made as an effort to continuously improve.

Scope of work of Enterprise Risk Management:

  • Formulating Key Risk Indicators (KRI) as an Early Warning System
  • Setting Risk Tolerance Limit
  • Doing Financial Modeling for Stress Test
  • Developing ERM Dashboard
  • Measure the Adequacy of Internal Control and Risk Treatment

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