Fire Design Engineering

As the new business line officially introduced in 2016, the Process Safety & Fire Engineering team provides a range of solution to the energy sector, mainly in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries both on and offshore. Various assessment and studies will be rolled out to ensure the appropriate technical issues and risk is addressed into an acceptable level.

Fire protection engineer will identify fire risks and design safeguards that aid in preventing, controlling, and mitigating the effects of fires. It encompasses fire protection engineering which focuses Fire & Gas Detection System, Water-Based Fire Protection System, Fire Suppression System, and fire safety engineering.

We offers a range of service

Fire Protection Engineering

  • Fire Engineering (Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Safety Analysis, Fire Hazard & Management)
  • Fire Protection (Engineering, Design Philosophy, Testing, and Commissioning); Water-Based Fire Protection System, Fire Suppression System, Fire & Gas Detection System
  • Fire Scenario Envelope (Fireproofing)
  • Fire Protection System Readiness

Fire & Emergency Response

  • Pre Fire Planning
  • Emergency System Survivability Assessment (ESSA)
  • Evacuation, Escape, and Rescue Analysis (EERA)

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