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As part of enhancing risk perception and sharing knowledge within personnel involve in the operations and/or risk management to achieve Corporate’s objectives, SYNERGY has also provided seminars, workshops and trainings to various clients with wide-range of Topics that are available or customized topics as required. Seminar’s topics available for :


  • Risk Management: Engineering Aspects for Risk Management within Insurance Schemes, Advanced Insurance Technical Engineering Course for Risk Management, Risk Management for Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Facility, Risk Transfer Assessment.
  • Valuations: Valuation of Upstream Exploration and Production Asset, Asset Valuation for Majoring Installation of Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Facility.
  • Workshop: Work Permits, Mechanical Integrity Practice, Safety, Engineering and Management System Audit, Management of Change (MOC), HAZOP Studies, Maintenance and Inspection Benchmarking, Pre-Fire Planning, Emergency Response Planning, Business Continuity Plan, Incident Investigation, Fire Proofing, Fire Detection and Protection, and Emergency Preparedness, AIMS, RBI, etc.

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