Vetting Plus, which is a tool to measure the suitability standards of ships used to transport Pertamina’s cargo, especially in terms of custody transfer and ship losses control, is very necessary to be applied to ships operated by Pertamina. Along with the increasing number of ship tonnages needed in Pertamina’s operations as well as the growing need for other inspections that are performance evaluations, the Ship Performance function as the person in charge of implementing Vetting Plus requires an increase in the number of inspectors to be able to accommodate the implementation of routine Vetting Plus inspections in a timely manner.

The purpose of procuring 3rd Party Inspector Vetting Plus Services is to obtain cooperation partners who are capable and experienced in conducting inspections to ships according to existing standard procedures for inspection of compliance with commercial aspects of ships listed in the VIQ Vetting Plus checklist.

Scope of work of Vetting Plus:

  1. Conduct inspections of ships on VIQ Vetting Plus checklist items, based on the assignment letter issued by Pertamina
  2. Analyze the results of the initial inspection findings
  3. Carry out follow-up monitoring of inspection results
  4. Analyze the follow-up sent by the Ship Owner/Operator
  5. Informing the results of the analysis to Pertamina
  6. Ensure that all inspection recommendations have been met by the Ship Owner/Operator and a Vetting Plus graduation certificate is issued

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